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Your Pets Will Think We Designed It Just For Them. We Did!

At Hale Pet Door every detail is taken into consideration to ensure that our superior quality, attractive, energy efficient pet doors meet your expectations and those of your pets.  We produce pet doors for every animal from puppies and kittens to aging cats and dogs, rabbits, monkeys, pot-bellied pigs and even tortoises. All of our doors are manufactured to ensure ease of use, comfort and safety for all pets.

The Hale Pet Door isn't just your run of the mill doggie door. Some of our furry friends refer to their door as the private entrance for human companions. Whether it's a cat door for Fluffy or a dog door for Spot, you can count on Hale to have the perfect pet door for your four-legged friend. Our selection includes the Hale Standard Panel and the Hale Omni Panel for sliding doors and the Hale OptiView Window, the Hale SpringTech Window and the Hale Omni Window for window applications.  We have models that fit through doors, walls, screens and even through glass.

With 10 models, 11 standard sizes and 4 color choices, you are sure to find the perfect pet door for your needs.  Still having trouble finding the correct size?  We will manufacture a custom size to address your special application.

Security Products

Hale Pet Door was originally named Hale Security Pet Door and we still take security very seriously. So seriously in fact, that we have spun off Hale Security Pet Door into its own division solely concerned with improving home security and animal safety related to the pet door industry.

We are pleased to be offering security solutions that are viable alternatives to the electronic pet doors that are available on the market today.

Many people call and ask us why we do not manufacture or offer electronic pet doors as these would seem to automatically address all security issues by virtue of their design. Our research and development department is continually looking at automatic and remote doors but unfortunately do not feel that we can recommend them at this time. Why not? Time and again we have seen problems with electronic pet doors. Sometimes the pet door does not open as expected or quickly enough. Moisture often affects the device in the collar your pet will have to wear. Sometimes the automatic door does not close quickly enough. Your cats will learn to go in and out with the dog. The cat is able to get out by following the dog, but will not be able to get back in until the pet wearing the remote lets the cat in. Sometimes the pet door closes too quickly and can shut on a leg or tail. Sometimes the pet door does not open at all and an animal can be trapped outside in unfavorable weather conditions or inside the house which can lead to unfortunate messes. As with all mechanical devices, they are subject to failure and can often be a maintenance problem. The "Hale" name has always stood for only the highest in quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. As noted above, electronic doors in general are not able to maintain our high standards and have been unreliable over time, therefore we have instead focused on developing optional security solutions to electronic doors. These are safe alternatives that still resolve the same security concerns addressed by electronic doors.

This line of security products is specifically designed to complement our line of Hale Pet Doors. However, they may also work with other brands of pet doors.

Our smart design opens in the middle using center and bottom magnets, which are sewn securely onto the screen. This feature provides you, your children, guests and pets convenient hands-free entry and exit. You can push through Bug Off with your hands full and it automatically snaps closed behind you. Pets can go in and out without assistance. This feature insures no more screens are accidentally left open, no more slamming screen doors, and no need to let your pets in and out. It also makes Bug Off ideal for parties and barbecues, so you and your guests can move in and out, with food and drink, hands-free.

Bug Off is made of durable, soft fiberglass mesh. It installs without tools in just minutes, using an included, adjustable spring tension rod (needing only a 3/4" space on each side of your doorjamb for a secure fit). The rod installs into one of two tunnels at the top of the screen, for easy height adjustment. Then the rod and screen are placed at the top of the doorjamb. You manually adjust the tension rod 1"-2" wider than your doorjamb to provide a tight, secure fit without damaging your door frame. Small hook and loop strips are sewn onto the sides of the screen and attach quickly and precisely to the sides of the doorjamb

Roll Guard, Inc.'s "Coyote Roller"

Features of the Coyote Roller

A Simple Concept That Yields Spectacular Results
Coyote Rollers make it difficult for dogs, coyotes, and other animals to gain the "foothold" they need to pull themselves up and over the top of an enclosure. The Coyote Roller is designed to freely rotate with as little as 2 ounces of pressure, and yet withstand 250 lbs.+ of weight in the center of a 4' roller.

No Maintenance Means No Headaches
The Coyote Roller is constructed of specially designed aluminum tubing, UV resistant polymeric materials, and stainless steel components. The system requires no power source, and needs practically no maintenance whatsoever.

A Humane Solution
Rather than use dangerous electric fencing, or ragged barbed wire to keep predators at bay, the Coyote Roller simply denies, the animal, passage. In fact, one case study demonstrated that Coyote Roller's not only reduced the attempts of coyotes to invade the property, they have ceased approaching the property at all!

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Prevent a door from slamming shut on your pets!
How it works
The Wedge-It is designed to hold an interior or exterior door open to a 90 degree angle.

It can be placed 
(1) on top of the door 
(2) over the hinge pin 
(3) or on the floor.
Over the Hinge Pin: 
With door open to a 90 degree angle place Wedge-It over hinge between door and the door jamb.
Top of the Door:   
With door open to a 90 degree angle place Wedge-It on top of the door between door and door jamb. Wedge-It is designed with 4 different settings to fit between the top of the door and the door jamb. This is because that distance varies between doors.
On the Floor:
Wedge-It can be used on the floor like a traditional wooden or rubber door stop.
Pivoting glass doors

Wedge-It can also be placed in the opening of metal framed glass doors that pivot at top and bottom or placed on the floor like a traditional door stop.

What is Safe Sand Company?
The Safe Sand Company was founded to provide an alternative to unsafe children's playsand. The Safe Sand Company is dedicated to the purpose of informing the public and distributing a safe, non-hazardous playsand for children, parents, child care professionals and educators everywhere.

By simply sprinkling a small bag of these tiny Beneficial Insects on your dog poop areas just as the weather turns warm you can prevent flies from ever becoming a nuisance. Then by continuing to release Fly Predators monthly through the summer you'll keep the fly population under control.


The tiny Fly Predator beneficial insects are the natural enemy of flies, but never bother people or animals. Many of our customers say they hardly see a fly all season. For best results you want to start before flies are bad.


No Pesticides, No Worry


Fly Predators eliminate the next generation of pest flies by means of natural biological control. Unlike pesticide sprays that only affect adult flies (who likely have already laid hundreds of eggs insuring more flies in 10 days) Fly Predators target the pest fly pupa (cocoon) stage killing the immature flies before they can bother you and your animals or reproduce to start the cycle again.


Using Fly Predators completely avoids any of the potential adverse side effects associated with pesticides. Just reading the warning label on almost any fly pesticide or repellent is perhaps the best advertisement for biological control. By contrast there is no warning label for the species in Fly Predators and in over 30 years of commercial use no known adverse effects.