Our pets like us live in an environment that is not always free from unhealthful contaminants. Because of this is it better if we bath our dogs rather than to let them remove these contaminates from their coats by licking and swallowing them.


Since we have determined the environment in which our animals live, it is up to us to care for their skin and coat with regular bathes and grooming as necessary. Bathing is an effective way to control fleas with soap and water.


A bath every month or two for some dogs may be fine. Others who are unusual dirty will need bathing more often.


If you bath your dog too often you can dry the skin which can lead to scratching. When you do bath your dog only use gentle shampoo’s that were made for dogs, not humans. Make sure to rinse your dog thoroughly after shampooing. If not the soap residue that can lead to skin irritation.