In Dr. Shelton's veterinary work, she routinely uses Any-Itis for animals who would benefit from improved joint function and movement, are sore due to hunting, competition, or athletic exertion, and so much more!*  Any-Itis (NEAT, RTU, & LITE) has been safely used alongside all veterinary medications and protocols - and can be used long-term when needed.

“Dogs:  For most dogs Any-Itis NEAT will be used orally - added to meals twice a day.  For topical use, we recommend Any-Itis RTU or New Mobility RTU.  Any-Itis NEAT is far too strong for topical applications.  In general, when topical applications are desired - New Mobility RTU should be selected.”

“For smaller dogs (under 35 pounds), the use of Any-Itis RTU or LITE (see below) is often preferred for ingestion. When adding Any-Itis NEAT to foods, keep in mind that some dogs may not be fond of the taste.  For every 50 pounds of body weight, 1-3 drops of Any-Itis NEAT can be added to foods (we recommend softened and wet foods) and fed twice a day.  Start with small amounts, and gradually build up to the desired amount.  Long term use can be utilized when needed.  This is a wonderful blend for dogs with joint and back discomfort or other chronic musculoskeletal issues.  The ideal route is ingestion - and you may find that diluting the Any-Itis NEAT within Fish Oils, Raw Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, or other fatty oils or food mixtures that you add into your dogs' diet - will help dissipate any intense peppermint taste resulting from a single drop landing in your dogs' food."

“Cats:  We recommend the use of KittyBoost for felines.  All of the oils within Any-Itis are within KittyBoost in the proper concentrations for cats.  When they groom - they will get their ideal dosing.  If they are too sore or sick to groom - topical applications as well as inhalation will still be effective for them!”


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