Whoa: A 900 Percent Increase in ONE Disease in Just 5 Years - What's Going On?

Cats eating dry food have increased risk for developing Type 2 diabetes

Don't Mistake This for Love, It Could Rob Years Off Your Pet's Life

New Study Confirms This Is the Worst Food to Feed Your Cat

Causes Your Pet's Cells to Starve to Death, Even While Surrounded by Nutrients

The problem with dry dog and cat foods are the high carbohydrates. Many veterinarians and nutritionist recommend if your dog or cat is overweight cut the carbs!

"Calorie restriction—but not protein restriction should be pursued in overweight animals to achieve a slow rate of weight loss of 0.5% to 1% weekly." ... "Diets high in protein appear superior to those with moderate amounts of protein"

With the Pet Food Math Cheat Sheet you can analyze and compare any type of pet food.  Dry kibble, canned food, baked kibble, freeze-dried, raw, etc. Just enter the information from the "Guaranteed Analysis" and the "Calorie Content" on the food label and the cheat sheet will do all the math so you can compare any type of food.

Percentage of Calories from:

  • Protein

  • Fat

  • Carbohydrates

Note that the percentage of calories is not the same as the "guaranteed analysis" %. determine the percentage of calories later with the Pet Food Math Cheat Sheet.