Dog Food Storage

Proper storage of dog / pet food helps prevent the fats from going rancid and food-borne illnesses. Storing dog food in an air-tight container protects the food from infestation from rodents, molds, and mites. Air-tight containers increase food safety by protecting the dog food from moisture which is required for bacteria and mold to grow.

Shelf life(unopened)  

  • Use by date only applies to unopened bag / can
  • Can food generally over a year
  • Dry (kibble)  3-6 months or longer   (12mo common)
  • Raw frozen - 3-4 month shelf life if stored properly
  • Whole raw meats up to 12-months in freezer.
  • Ground meats RAW Diets3-4 months

Can Food
Opened cans –
• Manufacturer recommendation
• generally3-5 days
• cover and refrig

Dry Food - Kibble

Protect from heat, moisture, and air.

Best stored between 40-60 F
Above 68 f decreases shelf life (Small Animal Clinical Nutrition)
Makers of food have not published shelf life of open bags. (To many variables)

Keeping food in bag provides you the barcode and identifiers should there be a recall

• Small bags to use quickly
• Best used up 14-30 days  
• Keep dry
• If dry food becomes moist throw out
• Change of color throw out
• Smells rancid (like paint) throw out
• Dog won’t eat. Throw out!

How To Choose Dog Food!