• “A venomous black widow spider bite triggers muscle spasms and paralysis. Other symptoms can include severe pain, difficulty breathing, and loss of coordination”

  • “Your pet can be bitten by a black widow indoors or outside. Younger and older pets are at increased risk of fatal complications from a black widow bite. A dog or cat bitten by a black widow spider must be treated with anti-venom, supportive therapy, and other medications as necessary”

  • “A brown recluse spider bite is necrotizing -- meaning the bite wound will ulcerate and cause destruction of surrounding soft tissue. Some pets show no symptoms from the bite of a brown recluse, but when symptoms are present, they often include several hours of intense pain at the site of the bite.”

  • “Routine wound care is given for brown recluse bites unless the pet is very ill, in which case he must be hospitalized to receive proper care”

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