shock collars - e-collars - stem collars

We do not use or recommend “training” collars or “tools” like; e-collars, shock collars, stem collars, etc… You can also add to the list choke, check, pinch, prong, nylon/plastic pinch/prong, remote collars,. Some are promoted to save fur, others touted as “Pro”, “Perfect”, “dominant”, and even “Safe” and “Calm”.

None of the above “tools” are needed to train a dog to a high standard. Seek out a knowledgeable and skilled trainer who can train without these “tools”.  Not every “highly recommended” trainer will be the right person to help. You may find the next one is great, or you may need to seek out more. Just keep searching until you find a knowledgeable and skilled trainer who is fair, not heavy-handed, nor has a feeding disorder.

If you want to find a good training class, go and watch a training class, and when the people start to activity work with their dogs close your eyes and listen. If it does not sound like the people are having fun, it is almost a guarantee the dogs are not having fun. If the training looks like a class on inflicting punishment, or looks like most participants have a feeding disorder keep looking for a class that is fun, educational, and effective. They do exist but they are not as common as we would like.

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