Leaders have followers, not prisoners.
— Glenn Massie

Glenn Massie, CPDT-KA

Glenn Massie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), and founder of Homeskooling 4 Dogs, LLC, Temecula, California. Glenn started training dogs in 2007 after volunteering at a local animal shelter where he gained the reputation for being able to work with any dog including those with low confidence, fear aggression, and aggression. 

He started his formal training with Teryn Jones of 4 Paws Training. John Rogerson and Suzanne Clothier have had the greatest influences on Glenn's training philosophy. Glenn's method of training is based on the positive foundation of building trust, respect, and desire. The goal being that teaching and training results in Control & Cooperation not submission from our dogs.

Glenn pursues ongoing professional development by attending seminars from some of the most notable dog trainers and behaviorist.  He believes training should be fun, not punishing. Glenn continues to work and support animal shelters, sanctuaries, and rescues.


Watch how Glenn interacts with a shelter dog and teaches him how to walk on a loose leash. See Homeskooling 4 Dogs' YouTube Channel for more videos!

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How do you differ from other trainers?

My passion is working with the most challenging dogs that others may have given up on. I will personally work with any dog to bring about positive results.     


What is your method of training? 

My method of training is based on the positive foundation of building trust, respect, and desire. For training to be the most effective a dog must trust, respect, and desire to be with you. I train people to be their dog's leader and best friend, so that the dog's desire is the giver not the gift. When training dogs, it is important that you act like a leader, not an adversary.

A person's ability to train a dog and have it respond to their direction is directly proportional to the relationship they have with their dog and its desire to be with them. 

Lastly, all training must be simple enough for a dog to understand.

Understanding dogs and applying well-reasoned methods is as much of an art as it is a science.


What do you mean by dogs that are out of control?

Dogs that are not under your control. Unstable, insecure, possessive, aggressive, and fearful.


Are there dogs that you will not work with?

I will work with any dog so long as the humans are committed to the well-being of the dog and are committed to doing the necessary work with the dog. If the humans are not willing to put forth the necessary effort i will not waste my time or theirs. I will give up on the humans before i give up on the dog.


My dog is fearful of men. How can you help, you are a man?

That is exactly what the dog needs, to overcome the fear and trust men. The dog needs to begin to learn a positive association with men to overcome the fear.  


Why shouldn't I just take my dog to a group class?

Group classes are designed to teach dogs actions like, sit, down, stay, and to walk nicely next to the human. Dogs that are fearful, aggressive, or exhibit anxiety need special attention. After working on these issues you should take your dog to a group class.     

Is my dog too old to benefit from your services?



How much time is needed for the initial meeting?

Generally 1 1/2 - 2 hours.