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If your dog or cats stops eating the food you have been feeding don't automatically assume they are holding out for “human food” or something better. (I share almost everything I eat with my dogs' as long as it is safe and they do not have a food intolerance / sensitivity to it.) Your animals may have refused to eat due to an infestation of mites, or the presence of bacteria, mold, or rancid fats so don’t start by trying to dress the food up to make it more appetizing.   Offer your dog or cat something else to eat. If he or she eats the new food you offered, there may be a problem with the food you've been feeding. If your dog is refusing something else tasty you offered, they may not be feeling well. For a healthy adult dog there is no harm in them fasting for a day, in fact it is recommended by many veterinarians. But if you have a puppy, diabetic dog, unhealthy senior dog, or cat contact your veterinarian.

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