Dog Walkers

I think it is a great idea for someone to come by and get our dogs out while we are away from home for extended periods of time. Having someone come by not only provides a much needed elimination break for dogs but it can help break the boredom of being left behind.

There are now apps and services catering to the needs of dogs. But I personally would not hand over my dog’s leash to a stranger even one that has had a “background” check by some company.  I personally would only permit a few trusted people to walk my dogs.  

First off my standard for a background check would far exceed any a dog walking or dog service organization would complete. A “clean” background tells me nothing of the individual’s knowledge, understanding, or abilities to actually work with dogs. With so much misinformation about dogs, dog behavior, and dog training available in books, videos, and online even committed well-intentioned people can lack a good understanding of dogs. And for sure being a dog lover does not qualify someone to be a dog walker.  

Here is a good article that was in the Whole Dog Journal discussing dog walking apps. Dog Walking Apps: Are They Safe?

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