Terrier Breed Toys

Jack Russell Terrier, Wire-haired Fox Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, etc.

Start early training using a knotted rag or rope playing retrieving games. During early training/play sessions you will need a variety of toys to keep your terrier's interest. Start with knotted rags, ropes, working up to plastic bottles and more exciting items once your terrier has learned to retrieve. The goal of all early training is to place those instincts under control. The worst toy to start with would be a soft stuffed toy or a rubber squeaky toy! A terrier would most likely not return to you with the toy but rather would take it elsewhere and crush, shake and kill the toy since terriers were breed to kill small vermin.

Water Bottle Dog Toy with Crunch - Large

Water Bottle Dog Toy with Crunch - Large

Toys to Entertain: Interactive treat dispensing toys to entertain and keep them busy.

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