Equipping You To Lead, Care and Relate to Your Dog

                  to Achieve Control & Cooperation.

Dogs & Toys

Toys can be as important to a dog′s development as they are for children. Toys can do more than keep children and pets entertained and occupied. Properly selected, they can assist both children and dogs with their social and emotional development. Adults also use toys in play which results in strengthening social bonds, and exercise of their minds and bodies.

Every dog should have three sets of toys; chew toys to satisfy the need to chew, interactive treat dispensing toys to entertain themselves with, and a set of toys that they only have access to when they are playing with their owners.


Rules for Dog Toys

  • No toy is indestructible
  • Anything the dog considers fun can be a toy
  • Toys must be nontoxic, large enough that they cannot be swallowed, destroyed or ingested
  • Rotate the toys your dog has access to at least every few days so they do not get bored with them
  • Supervisor your dog with any new toy to be sure it is safe for your dog


Chew Toys

  • A quality chew toy will satisfy your dog′s need to chew and provide a constructive and safe way to occupy his time
  • Chew toys may also help with gentle cleaning of the teeth and gums
  • Many can be stuffed and/or frozen with organic peanut butter, applesauce/blueberries, grated carrots/chicken, etc...


Interactive Treat Dispensing Toys

  • Start by using a small enough treat so that they come out easily when the toy is rolled or moved
  • Nurture your dog′s natural curiosity by providing encouragement as he explores the toy
  • Slowly roll or move the toy so that treats fall out, then encourage your dog to eat the treats
  • The toy can be used to feed your dog a part of his daily meal if you use kibble
  • Buy a premium brand of kibble to use as a special treat for the toy; it will generally have less empty calories and filler than regular treats


Toys For Play With Owners

  • Control the toys and keep them out of sight of the dog
  • If you are a good playmate your dog will be interested in playing with these with you
  • All dogs should be taught to play with toys with their owner, specifically retrieving games, a.k.a. ″sharing″

Just like with children a dog should be taught good manners during play.