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BoomerangTags & Pet Identification

We make the highest quality tags you can find. What makes a tag "high quality"? Quality material and good workmanship. You want your pet's id tag to hold up over time and to be readable by the finder of your pet, nothing else will matter if your pet is lost.

Pet ID Tags are our only product. We are Pet ID Tag professionals, we are not an internet pet products store, we are a Pet Identification Tag company.

If you want the highest quality pet id tag money can buy, a tag that will get your lost pet returned to you safely, you cannot go to a better web site.

In five minutes you can give us the information we need to create postcards to help find your lost pet. We will take care of the entire mailing and have the postcards delivered within 3-4 days to every address near where your pet was last seen!

We have not had any experience with the company or service. It looked interesting to us so we are passing the information along.

HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database

Your pet’s microchip links to a permanent listing in our national lost pet database. This means anytime/anywhere pet recovery service—no matter how far your lost pet has traveled. Learn More >