Building Trust, Respect, and Desire


Break the boredom. Take your dog out in the world daily and give him a chance to explore.
What you can do!
Make your dog's life more interesting
Give your dog more exercise. Get out and take a walk together
Give your dog more attention. Spend quality time together.
Use fencing to keep dogs from digging in planters
Make your dogs life more interesting and stimulating when he′s alone
Provide a cooler place for them to rest
Fill a small pool with safe sand for a designated digging area
Give them their own pool

Digging is a normal behavior for dogs, and it is often seen as a problem for the owners.


Why do dogs dig?


            It's hot outside!

Dogs dig to get to the cooler earth below the surface so they will have a cool place to lie during the heat of the day to get some relief from the heat.


            To bury things they want to keep safe for latter!

                        Bones, toys, treats, etc...


            Interesting Smells!

                        Small animals have been there.

                        They smell ground squirrels, gophers, and/or moles

                        below the ground.

                        The ground was recently tilled or turned.

The dog was in the yard while you were gardening and you expressed enjoyment when he started to dig next to you. You positively reinforced the behavior.

The dog was curious about what you buried when you were digging in the yard.

If there is a sprinkler leaking that is making the ground damp, that will enhance the scents coming from that area and may encourage digging.


            Interesting Sounds!

                        They hear squirrels, gophers, moles, etc... below ground.



                        It is fun, and something entertaining to do.

                        They are after insects.



To escape the yard and find someplace more interesting or seek out a companion!  Go to the "Escaping & Roaming" page.


                Lack of Exercise!

                                Dogs that are full of energy need to release it somehow.             

 Attention Seeking!

Isolated in the backyard away from the family, digging may be one of the few times he gets attention. You yell at them, or in their world, you are at least talking to them.



If the dog is a Terrier, understand that most Terriers were originally bred for vermin control, and were used hunt and kill vermin that are below ground. This group of dogs gets its name from Latin terra, meaning earth. They like to dig. Terriers are generally energetic and will find something to do if you don't provide an acceptable alternative.


What can you do?


If it is hot

Provide a cooler place for them to rest!  Give them their 

own pool.


If they are burying things

Provide and teach them to use a designated place to bury their stuff!

Digging pit or sand box.


If the yard has gophers or moles

                        Put sonic spikes in the yard.


If they are bored

                        Provide them more exercise and go to the

                        "Chewing & Destructive Behavior" page.

                        Give them a designated digging pit or sand box to use.


            If they are full of energy

Provide them more exercise. Walk, play, and train with your dog more.

Make training fun. Go to the "Dog Toys We Like" page.


If they are seeking attention

Is your dog a part of your family? Or a fixture in the backyard? If the answer is yes, you may need to rethink your relationship with your dog.


If they have learned to monopolize all your time and to never spend time alone, you will need to start setting some boundaries. Be sure not to give them any attention for digging, and only call back into the house when they are not digging or doing something you don't like.  


            Other options

Mesh Fencing

Bury a mesh fencing material a few inches below ground at the base of the fence. Be sure it has no sharp edges that would injury your dog.


Fill holes with your dog's feces and cover. They often will not dig in the same spot after finding their own feces.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

ScareCrow Motion-activated Animal Deterrent

The ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler automatically detects deer, racoons, heron, dogs and more as they approach, and repels them with a short but startling burst of water. The sudden noise, movement and spray scares animals away, teaching them to avoid the area in future.


The ScareCrow:

  • works day and night without chemicals or unsightly barriers
  • can be linked to other ScareCrows to form an effective water barrier
  • conserves water - uses just 2 to 3 cups per deterrence
  • operates for up to six months on a single nine-volt battery


Adjust the detection pattern to only activate when you dog enters an area such as a flower bed or other spot you do not wish them dig.

Give your dog safe items to entertain themselves with.

Sonic Spikes to drive underground rodents away

Sonic pulses penetrate soil, driving rodents away

2 Spikes cover 15,000 square foot

Designed with battery sleeve for trouble free battery replacement

Can be buried flush with your lawn for mowing ease

For more ideas to entertain your dog go to the "Enriching Your Dog's Life" page.