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Vaccinations Update

What You Need To Know!

Historically veterinarians and vaccine manufacturers for companion animals have recommended annual revaccination against the most common diseases. Annual revaccination was originally an arbitrary recommendation and was not based on any studies showing maximum duration of immunity. 


Yearly revaccinations became standard with most veterinarians because it also provided an incentive for owners to get a physical examination and health check.


Concerns about over-vaccination and potential adverse effects have led to a reevaluation of the annual revaccination.  Adverse reactions can include allergic responses, vaccine-associated immune-mediated disease, and production of the disease from vaccination.


Current vaccination recommendation schedules for adult dogs from the America Animal Hospital Association include a ″core″ (High Risk Infectious diseases) vaccination booster 1-year after the dog′s initial vaccination series. Healthy dogs at low risk should then be revaccinated no more frequently than every 3 years.


Many veterinarians today recommend against 5 in 1 vaccine combinations such as DHLPP. Some recommend using single or simpler combined vaccine which consists of fewer individual vaccines contained in a single shot. For dogs it can be a ″DH″ or a ″DHP″ vaccine combo referred to as a 3 in 1.


We encourage each pet owner to conduct their own research and due diligence for the well-being of their animals.




The Dog : Its Behavior, Nutrition, and Health  Second Edition

By Linda P. Case


Dr. Pitcairn′s Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats

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How to Protect Your Dog From a Vaccine Junkie

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America Animal Hospital Association

2006 Vaccine Guidelines, Revised

After enjoying twenty rewarding years of teaching dog owners how to play an active role in their dog′s health care, I decided it was time for me to share my medical journey and hard earned experience with other dog owners. So, in 2007, I set out to become an author/teacher and began a new career in writing. My goal has been to quickly teach busy dog owners everything they need to know about three crucial health topics: vaccines, nutrition, and skin allergies.

Dr. Paula Terifaj DVM


Exposing Myths, Lies and Outdated Information Affecting Dogs

Jan Rasmusen is a dog health and safety advocate and author of the national award-winning book Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care.

Vaccinating Your Dog

Recently, studies have shown that vaccines protect dogs for longer than previously believed. There have also been improvements in the type of vaccines produced. In addition, there is increased awareness and concern that vaccination is not as harmless a procedure as once thought. These factors have led to a growing number of veterinarians who recommend reduced frequency of vaccinations while at the same time tailoring vaccine recommendations to specific risk situations.

To assist veterinarians with making vaccine recommendations for dogs, the American Animal Hospital Association has issued a set of canine vaccine guidelines. Developed by a group of infectious disease experts, immunologists, researchers and practicing veterinarians, these guidelines were first released in 2003 and revised with new information in 2006.


Are Vaccines Dangerous?

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